Get Your Thyroid Ready for Winter

Winter girlIt’s that time of year — temperatures dropping, cold weather hitting many parts of the nation. We put antifreeze in our cars, winterize our houses, get out the sweaters and coats. But what about your thyroid? Are you and your hormones ready for winter. Grab a cup of hot tea, and read these 10 Cold Weather Survival Tips for Thyroid Patients This Winter.

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2 Responses to Get Your Thyroid Ready for Winter

  1. Thank you for taking the time to publish this. I have been fighting thyroid desease for 21 yrs now. I am really starting to get depressed because inside I feel small but on the outside I am large. I need help to try to get this weight off.

  2. ron medalie says:


    I just found out I `ve got a 4cm thyroid nodule. Getting related blood work done for thyroid hormone,I believe. Have had low normal t3 scores that have been dropping now over the last 4- 5months.Also have had very long term fatigue. Thanks for any suggestions. Taking coconut oil and some kelp everyday lately.

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