10 Go-To Facebook Pages for Thyroid Patients

facebookSo many people use Facebook as their primary way of interacting online. I thought it would helpful to highlight some of our favorite “go-to” pages that can help you stay up on thyroid information, Facebook style!

EndocrineWeb features information, links, news, and good-quality information and updates about all facets of thyroid and endocrine disease.

Coalition for Better Thyroid Care
This non-profit advocacy group headed up by patient advocate Geri Rybacki shares news, links, information about thyroid disease, and offers a place for patients to share support and information with each other.

Sara Gottfried, MD
Holistic gynecologist Sara Gottfried, MD talks about hormones, health, thyroid issues, sex drive, and women’s health issues in her trademark sassy, informative, no-nonsense style.

This supportive patient community provides an opportunity for patients to share their feelings, thoughts, fears, and hopes related to their health and thyroid disease, via letters and posts.

ThyroidSexy – Gena Lee Nolin
Former Baywatch star turned thyroid advocate Gena Lee Nolin’s community for thyroid patients is an informative, fun place to share information and support about thyroid issues.

Patient advocate Dana Trentini focuses in on women’s thyroid issues, pregnancy, and hormonal health.

This advocacy group puts together petitions and advocacy efforts designed to improve the situation for thyroid patients worldwide.

Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s Association
This group is the key information and advocacy group solely dedicated to the thyroid cancer survivor community.

Holtorf Medical Group – Facebook Page
The Facebook home for Kent Holtorf, MD’s Holtorf Medical Group and the nationwide network of practices and doctors helping thyroid patients.

Mary Shomon’s Thyroid Support on Facebook
Don’t forget to visit my page as well. It’s one of the largest and most active support communities for thyroid patients online.

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6 Responses to 10 Go-To Facebook Pages for Thyroid Patients

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  2. cd says:

    thank you!

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  4. Stephanie F says:

    I would also add the “Stop the Thyroid Madness” group to the list. https://www.facebook.com/groups/stopthethyroidmadness/

  5. irujes says:

    Thanks! I will add ‘Thyroidism awareness and cure aids initiative,

  6. Kelly says:

    For Thyroid Payients Only is highly informative group of groups, should definitely be on your list.

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