TSH Proves to be an unreliable test for Hypothyroidism
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The Link Between Hormones & Your Psychological Health

Guest post by Dr. Tracy Thomas  Back in 2007, when I first started working with my hormonal specialist on my own hormones, he told me. . .  “I can help you with the hormonal balancing. But if you don’t change … Read More 

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Levoxyl Coming Back on the Market

For those patients on the Levoxyl brand of levothyroxine, good news. Levoxyl — which has been off the market for almost a year — is officially back on the market March 3, 2014. But patients are reporting that at some … Read More 

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What Thyroid Patients Are Saying

Typically, a person with a thyroid disorder will see many doctors only to be told that they are absolutely fine. See and hear what thyroid patients are saying.